You’re Always One Decision Away From Being OK

Each decision you make will take you closer to your goals or further from them.

Today, I have been wrestling with letting go of my plan and my dream for my relationship with my ex. I’m upset and I’m hurt and I want to sit around and complain. I want to bury my head in the sand and cry that life isn’t going my way and then I just want to check out.

It’s so easy to check out. It’s so easy to give up. It’s so easy to sit around and cry.

But the decision to do those things is only a choice. Just like the decision to engage. To reach out. To take action.

ONE DECISION is all that separates me from a moment of extreme unhappiness or extreme confidence.

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One decision to send a text trying to find a compromise vs pursuing my goals and connecting with friends and family. Isn’t it crazy how one decision can move you so far down a path or solidify a mindset?

There’s a new book out by Michael Hyatt called Living Forward that outlines simple daily action steps to take to create a life out of intentionality and purpose. I’m excited to start reading this book after hearing Amy Porterfield’s recent podcast interview with Hyatt. He asks his readers to think about how they want to be remembered and to identify their priorities so that they don’t wake up approaching retirement or death and wonder how they drifted so far from where they imagined they’d end up.

Living a happy, successful, fulfilling and loving life takes intention. It takes the courage and determination to make the choice each day to move yourself in a direction that will benefit you and make you a better version of yourself.As I share this with you this evening, I’m encouraging myself and I’m encouraging you to make a decision that moves you forward along your life plan, instead of one that keeps you stagnant or pulls you back.

As someone who has spend the majority of my young adult life feeling bound by depressive and anxious thoughts, and who has in the last two years been slowly but surely breaking out of those destructive patterns, I encourage you to know that you have the ability to make ONE choice today.

This message is HARD for the perfectionist, type-A, wanna-be-in-control (dominant) side of me. I want my life to look exactly how I want it to be right NOW. Patience and endurance are traits I have to work hard for daily.

If you’re interested in making changes in your to move into the life of your dreams, you have all you need right now to do that. It won’t be immediate and it won’t be easy, but it is possible and you will achieve what you plan for.

I’m working on my life plan as outlined in Hyatt’s book as I enter into this journey of being a single momma. If you’d also like to work on your own life plan, you can use Hyatt’s free template.

Today was a hard day but I’m thankful for the ability to choose right here in this moment to move closer toward’s my dreams. Thanks for reading. 🙂

Happy life living happy single mommas and happy others!


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