Anxiety Sucks.

I wanted to post a clever title this morning as I delve into this seven letter word that seems to be at the core of so many people’s problems.

However, when thinking about anxiety, it all boils down to this: it sucks.

I’m curious to know when in our culture did anxiety become a prevailing ailment of so many people. It seems to have permeated our society and can be found at the root of countless issues. When I look at anxiety in my own life, I see it’s beginnings when I was just a young girl. I can trace it through middle school, where it grew even more rapidly than I did. High school ebbed and flowed and by the time I was in college, certain situations were completely paralyzing to me. Post college now for four years, I’ve watched anxiety take the front seat during difficult conversations with co-workers, family members, friends and partners.

The best advice I’ve been given for lowering anxiety is to change your environment and to meditate and release harmful thoughts. 

I’ve been off any types of medication for three years now and sometimes I wonder if I’ve made the right choice. Through yoga, meditation, and lots of personal development, things have continued to improve and I’m particularly thankful to be off medication leading up to and during this pregnancy. 

Today was a rollercoaster and I’m grateful for sleep and for new mornings. 

Ps- how active was your baby at 21 weeks? My little one moves around what feels like non stop! 

Hopefully my thoughts will be a little more gathered tomorrow. 

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