“Create Before You Consume”

I heard this phrase, create before you consume, in one of Amy Porterfield’s podcasts a few days ago. It keeps bouncing into my brain every morning (good work Amy!), challenging me to keep my hands off my phone to scroll other people’s posts, news headlines, or check emails.

I had been doing it backwards before, listening to podcasts, reading articles, scrolling Facebook, clicking and clicking, and THEN creating. By that time, I had SO much in my brain it was difficult to sort through everything and produce a cohesive plan of action or a topic to write about.

If you’re anything like me, you love to multi-task. This is shown in how I clean house. I start one thing, and as I pass by something else, pick it up, throw something away, wipe something down, I kind of get the whole house going at once, for a grand finale of super clean in less time.

This morning, I’m working through some big life decisions about the baby and trying to sketch out what my future will look like for the next few months before she is born and then after. I’m working on switching job paths and focusing on building an at home business so that I can give as much attention to my baby as possible while providing for us. And she is due in FOUR months.

I’m intimidated.

SO. This morning I wanted to outline a few steps that will help me, and you, get through the morning and rest of your day.


Here we go.

Before sitting down to sketch out a plan, feed your brain. I’m starting with food because I am pregnant, constantly hungry, and before pregnancy it was pretty easy for me to get distracted and not eat while I was doing something. Remember that it’s hard to get great brain functioning on an empty stomach or when you are dehydrated. Drink 8-16 oz of water right now. If it’s in between meals, find a piece of fruit, some crackers and cheese, granola bar, something, eat it. I can’t stress just HOW important it is to avoid dehydration. I’m drinking all day long, over my body weight in oz of water, and you should too. Yes, it will be more trips to the bathroom, but your body will be flushing out toxins, keeping you cool, nourishing your skin, slimming your body, and toning your muscles. Need I say more?

Do a quick brain dump. Once you’re hydrated and fed, grab a piece of paper or open your Notes on your phone, and without stopping to fix typos or anything, write down everything on your mind about your imposing task/decision/project. You don’t have to write sentences, you can just write words, phrases, etc. Spend about 1-5 minutes on this.

Organize your brain dump by priority. Now that you’ve let your brain throw up on your paper, write the list again from most important thing to least important thing. Writing everything down lets you know that you are aware of the task, you’re not going to forget it, but you’re also not keeping it in your brain when your brain should be focused on other things. Circle your top three things.

Plan out how you want to go about your top three list, and take action. Simple enough. You’ve isolated your most important items, you’ve cleaned out your brain, you’re fed, now it’s time to take action. Knock out those top three things, and if you have time, move down the list.

This process works for the small things and the big things. I recommend doing this process whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed, in addition to when you have a looming project or decision to make.

Doing this process is a way of creating before consuming as well. Before you get overwhelmed with your day, or comparing yourself to others in your Facebook feed, or stressing about news headlines, or that email from your boss, take a few moments for yourself to get intention about your day. Create your plan of action before you consume everything out there.

Obviously, create before you consume can be applied in other ways as well, but here, I’ve applied it where most relevant this morning.

Let me know if you try this method and how it works for you. 🙂

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