23 weeks and counting

*Note: This blog has been sitting in draft for SIX DAYS. I’m sorry. Two posts going live today.*

Time sure does fly. This week is week 23 (week of April 4) for me and I can’t wait for my next doctors appointment on Thursday. I have a ton of questions and can’t wait to get some reassurance that I am on a healthy track and that baby girl is doing well.

Here are some things about where I’m at right now:

  • feeling hungry constantly. i raided Costco and have tons of fruit, trail mix, proteins, and crackers to keep healthy munchies close by
  • wanting to be exercising constantly because i can just tell my body needs me to, really focusing on my squats and building upper body strength with easy light weight circuit exercises
  • my brain is every day questioning my saneness about believing I can have and raise a baby on my own
  • sleep has started to become uncomfortable, even on my side and with pillows, hope that gets better not worse
  • weight gain is exactly on track, with projected lb per week gain from here on out for a total of about 25 lb gain
  • baby is moving a little less (or I’m noticing it less from being more active the past two weeks) but still active, mainly on my right side
  • belly bump is a definitely there.


I’ll update after my appointments! Tata!

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