One Step in the Right Direction Can Go A Long Way

I think that title is too long. Oops.

How are you doing today? I can’t get enough of this spring air here in East Tennessee. It’s so crisp. I’m glad nature is such a soother and nurturer to me. I don’t know what I’d turn to if sunshine and fresh air weren’t options available to me.

I’m 25 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I feel that I’ve crossed a threshold this past week and feel like there is no hiding that I am definitely pregnant.

Today, I spent time working on my health and fitness coaching business website and that little bit of productivity really boosted my spirits. I plan to keep that website separate from this one, but may eventually link it.

I googled a list of self love mantras to start using and here is the one I picked for today.

I’ve done well.  I don’t have to be perfect.

I’ll be repeating this to myself throughout the day and if it would help you as well, I’d encourage you to repeat it also.


I want to encourage you that if you’re feeling overwhelmed, sad, angry, anxious, depressed, or just confused…figure out ONE step you can take today to get you closer to your desired existence.

For me, it was working on my business today.

You’re strong, confident, and so loved. Remember that.


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