25 Weeks & The Law of Motivation

It’s Monday: I’m officially 25 weeks along! 🙂

I removed the photo I put in yesterday’s blog and decided to start fresh today and snap a picture this morning. After a short cardio session (15 minutes) on the exercise bike and some stretches and core work on the exercise ball, I’m up to 18 lbs gained thus far.


I’m feeling confident in my body but after listening to one of my podcasts, I felt challenged to be doing more to strengthen my body during pregnancy. I’ve been giving myself these wonderful “I’m pregnant” cards as good excuses for not working out as much as my body is telling me to.

Isn’t it interesting the Western culture’s stigma around pregnant women? I feel it’s engrained in me from watching and listening to others to want someone to help me around, to exaggerate the feelings of change I’m experiencing, and even to complain.

Rather, MY natural gut feeling is that right now I’m extremely empowered by my pregnancy. That my mind and body are working together to grow a beautiful baby. That I’m blessed and privileged to carry this little one. That I’m capable of delivery her calmly and without pain and chaos of extended labor. That I’m not really limited to activities I want to do other than being aware of my changing shape.

I truly believe those things. As I’ve been reading this morning about ways to prepare my mind and body for birthing, the Law of Motivation was discussed in a chapter about the power of the mind. (Don’t worry, I’ll be doing a blog post just about this book as soon as I finish it!)

It states that when the mind is motivated to do something, the body follows accordingly. There is study after study after study that shows this is truth. Conditioning your mind to expect certain outcomes or reactions produces physical and physiological effects. Think Pavlov’s dog.


What has been really wonderful during this journey of pregnancy is that I’m realizing I have the opportunity to really break free of the negativity I’ve been living in and not only experience a calm and peaceful birth with my daughter, but also use the same techniques to dispel all the negativity and lies I’ve built up in my mind about myself on a larger scale.

While this pregnancy and my relationship situation and overall life situation isn’t all how I’d wanted or planned, it is turning into the best opportunity I’ve ever been given to make some SERIOUS life changes.

Cheers to that. Cheers to my baby.

As far as any pregnancy updates, I’ve gained a couple pounds and can really feel it. My stomach is noticeably rounder now and my hunger is still always around. Cravings for all things juicy: apples, watermelon, grapes, juice, melons, berries. My health shake is about the only thing keeping me “regular” as constipation is a big thing right now. I double up and take my shake and then follow it with some iced coffee when things really aren’t moving. I’m feeling a little less energized but overall very happy and at peace. Little one has her next appointment this Friday.

Tomorrow, I have a meeting with a local doula that comes highly recommended by my OB and new mommy friends. I can’t wait to meet her. 🙂

Today’s mantra:

Smiling Brings Me Joy. 


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