Baby Registries, Yoga, and “Oops”s!

Ok, where did yesterday go? I totally didn’t realize I didn’t post until about 7 am this morning. Dangit! One day away from my 7 days straight of posting. Starting that up again today as well as putting a daily reminder on my phone to tell me to get writing. (this is the “oops!” of the post)

Yesterday, my ex decided to start discussing the fact that we are pregnant for real for the first time. It caught me really off guard as he proceeded to share all the nursery items he wanted to provide for the baby and how he was house hunting for me. Still no talk of an “us” but he seems to be accepting the fact he will soon be a father. He’s putting his ability to hyper-focus on a topic onto baby nursery items and while I have a lot of hesitation about getting my hopes up, part of my heart fluttered when he started planning things with me.

We found some really great items, I’m going to make the baby registry through Amazon and then share the top items that look the most needed. My ex and I are both minimalists by nature, so we made a condensed list of “needed” items and will be requesting and purchasing the minimal requirements as well as using cloth diapers, non-plastic toys, with a focus on books and classical music.

While I’m not what some would call a “yogi”, I love practicing yoga and am working on my struggle, consistency, so as to more regularly incorporate the practice into my daily routine.

For the past few days, I’ve done quick flows to wake up or refresh my body as well as hang out in headstand. I love being upside down and have felt SO solid since pregnancy.

This morning, I made the transition from headstand to forearm stand for the first time. I don’t know where the extra power or strength is coming from, since I feel I’ve almost been less active since pregnancy.

WHAT?! The human body is so wonderful.

I met with the doula that I would like to work with for the rest of my pregnancy. We spent over an hour talking. I shared my fears, my story, and my pregnancy and birthing goals. We connected and I’m excited to begin working with her to train my mind on relaxation and releasing fear.

+/- 15 weeks until the baby is due. It’s getting really real.

Mantra for the day:

I’m in charge of my stress response. 


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