29 Weeks & Sugar Wars

Whelp. I’m 29 weeks this week and it is feeling more and more real. A customer at work (baby store) yesterday was buying a gift for his new grandson, that showed up 10 weeks premature… that’s basically how far along I am right now. The reality hit, that she could really show up any time. While I don’t have any complications or signs that I may have a preemie, just the reality that people go into labor at 29/30 weeks was enough to really shake me up.

I have so much still to get ready and so much mental strength still to rally, yet I really can’t wait to hold my baby girl.

Pregnancy Update

  • weight gain up a pound since last week, seeming like this may be a 40lb pregnancy weight gaine at least at this rate, 5 more lbs if i gain a 1/2 lb a week for the reset, or 10 more lbs – EITHER way, I still feel stable, balanced, and strong in this totally new body I’m in – which is honestly the most empowering feeling…I will say I do have days where I totally feel like a whale, out of touch with the person in the mirror, but the overall feeling is positive
  • bladder control is non existent, even as I type this, she is sitting on my bladder and if she kicks hard enough, there is no stopping what may happen…also with any coughs, sneezes, you name it, it happens.
  •  this is my third full week at the baby store and I’m finally getting a handle on some of the most popular, best rated products…I’m hoping to find a time this week to chat with one of my coworkers about strollers and carseats, she knows everything about them, and I want to try them out and see what is easiest to set up and take down…I haven’t posted about baby products yet since I’m still learning, but as soon as I make some purchase decisions, I’ll post the products and then follow up with a review once baby girl is born 🙂
  • walking is getting gradually more and more uncomfortable in the groin area because of the stretching and changing ligaments down there, that’s really what makes me “waddle” more than anything, not really because of size, but because of discomfort
  • sleeping is still OK, I favor my right side over my left but pillows between my legs are my best friends
  • I was approved to birth at the birthing center — YAY! Now I just need to purchase a tub, since this center has a “bring your own bath tub” for water labors, and get my bag ready. One big difference between this center and a hospital birth is that once I am admitted/in labor, the total time there after the delivery is 8-12 hours at the max, whereas hospitals usually keep you for 24-48 hours minimum. I can have a bag, but it won’t have to be too extensive, since I won’t be there very long.

War on my Sugar Addiction

Hi, my name is Molly and I am VERY addicted to sugar.

I’m, hesitantly, beginning to cut out sugar. Processed sugar is a lot easier, so that’s where I’m starting.

Step One: All sugary drinks. I don’t drink a lot of these as it is, but I’m doing a total cleanse from the sporadic sprite, ginger ale, or powerade. Exclusively to water, milk, smoothies.

Step Two: Processed sugary stuff, like the cakes that my mom likes to bake all the time, and any other baked goods. I don’t eat packaged sweets except organic chocolates and all the goodies from Trader Joes, but I’m going to cut those out too.

Step Three: Carbs, except for my whole grain bread because of pregnancy needs. But all other carbs/starches that turn to sugar instantly.

Step Four: Fruit — this will be a last stage, and probably not a total reduction, but more like 75%. I have to have my daily banana in my smoothie, and watery fruit like grapes have less sugar content.

My goal is to do this gradually over the next month so as to reduce bloating and fatigue, and help clear my head. I have a lot of stress right now and cutting out this sugar addiction should help give me clarity and make me feel a lot better overall.


Have you ever cut out sugar? If so, for how long? What tips can you share for what you found most helpful? What changes did you experience when you stepped away from sugar?

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