Preparing your Nursery in your Third Trimester

Hey lovely mamas and mamas to be!

I’ve been full on living life off the internet since I really kicked into baby prep gear as well as started the part time job I have. Working at a baby store has honestly been the smartest and most uplifting move I could have made in these last few pregnant months. 

Not only have I been able to learn about the most popular and trusted brands and products on the market, I’ve daily been around many expectant mothers as well as received advice and encouragement from women already mothers. 

I plan to work until week 38 (mid July) and then switch into completely-zen-out-for-birth mode. I haven’t spent as much time with my hypnobirthing program and meditation as I’d like or is recommended and I need to get into it more.

Also, a wonderful update: I have a home! Since the breakup, I’ve been in between still living with my ex, being with my mom, and staying with friends. It’s been stressful to say the least but I now have a place to call my own that I’ll be moving in to over the rest of the month to be able to finally start nesting. 

I can safely say: you can nest and prepare your nursery before baby arrives even in your third trimester. Don’t worry! Less is best and you’ll figure out what baby likes and doesn’t like and needs and doesn’t need one day at a time. I don’t know how Pinterest perfect my nursery will be but I’ll share pictures when I finish. 🙂

 After testing high (141) on my one hour glucose test at week 28, I requested to retake the test when I transferred to the birthing center at week 30 (see last post). The results came back at 95, completely in the normal range so I am in the clear! This is a huge stress relief and I encourage anyone who feels your results may be inaccurate to ask for a retest instead of going straight to the three hour. I had only eaten a banana (pure sugar) before my first test which also followed an out of character donut spree the day before. For the second test, I ate only scrambled eggs (protein, no sugar!) and was just fine. 

Retesting, in this case, saved me from a time consuming and blood draining 😉 three hour test. 

If for some reason you do end up prediabetic or with gestational diabetes, you should most likely be able to control your diabetes with dietary adjustments and avoid medication. Avoiding medication will allow for the most natural birth, if that is what you’re planning.

Something I learned-When you are on medication, you’ll need more monitoring in a hospital and would move from a “no/low risk” to “high risk” category, thus not allowing you to birth with monitoring or in a birth center. 

Baby/me updates:

  • Weight gain has capped out at 35lbs for now 
  • Baby measured 30cm at week 32 checkup and midwife said I’ll either have a growth spurt and catch up or she may be a smaller baby, but she’s fine (more than 3-4cm off is a problem) 
  • Her heart rate was 145 and strong 
  • She is (still) head down 
  • I’m getting in 30-45 min walks a few times a week and doing as many squats as I can remember and still always forgetting to do my kegels, plus limited activities as time allows
  • I’m sleeping wonderfully but getting up once or twice for bathroom 
  • Hungry hungry hippo and eating a lot cleaner than ever, consuming a good amount of fresh veggies and fruits which has really increased my energy and improved my mood
  • I pretty much exclusively drink water (100-150 oz/day) and occasional milk or coffee (switched totally to decaf for the rest or pregnancy, and up until April I didn’t have any caffeine) 
  • Craving steak and juicy fruits still and always sugar but that’s just cause I’m addicted- I’ve cut out processed sugar and juices and am having dark chocolates and ” healthy” frozen fudge pops 

How’s your pregnancy going? Id love to hear from you and see if you have any similar or very different experiences from me! 
❤️ happy baby growing! 

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