Ella passed the ABR test in both ears. Her cochlea is ok in her right ear. She still failed the initial test. The audiologist wanted to do the same test again before the ABR test and Ella again failed. This didn’t concern the audiologist as much as it had concerned us and she assured us after running the ABR test that Ella can hear all range of sounds in both ears and that there has to be some sort of gunk interfering that isn’t allowing her to pass the initial screening.

In order to make sure nothing is wrong with other parts of her ear, we will go back in October to see if she can pass the test.

Relief doesn’t even begin to cut it. I cried happy tears the whole time the audiologist explained just how she was ok. We were both so prepared to hear the news that she suffers from some level of hearing loss and were shocked to hear it was ok. Failing the test so many times had given me a stoic attitude and we had discussed how we would raise and parent a child with hearing loss.

I feel beyond blessed that her ear is ok, for now. We will continue to closely monitor her hearing every 6 months until she’s 3 according to state requirements.

It’s definitely true that parenting is letting your heart exist outside of your body. My love for my daughter knows no limits.

She’s 18 days today. Growing so quickly. She’s almost 10 pounds, sleeps and eats like a champ, and has gone on her first family walk in our stroller on Monday.

Loving her with my partner has made us so much closer and we are working on rebuilding our trust and love. Figuring out how to communicate well and respect each other first and be slow to anger is just part of every relationship’s foundation, but one that we are still working on. Having Ella is bonding us together in ways we couldn’t have imagined and I’m so thankful I stayed this course and stayed patient for him and for my own heart.

What I’ve been learning this year is the importance of patience, of forgiveness, of waiting, and of family.

I would not be where I am right now without the love of my own mother and that is something that I can now give my own daughter..unconditional love and support.

What a gift.

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