Discovering Your Postpartum Self 

You carried your child to completion. 

You gave birth. 

You bled.

You cried. 

You gave all your effort. 


Now your womb is empty.

You’re holding your child instead of holding your belly. 

How do you feel? 


How do you look? 

Do you recognize the woman staring back at you? 

Did her hair change? How about her skin? Is her stomach fluffy instead of toned? Does she have stretch marks and a line running from her navel to her pubic bone? Are her breasts full of her baby’s milk? 

Do you recognize her? 


She’s strong. 

She’s capable. 

She’s alert. 

She’s high functioning. 

She’s quick to respond. 

She’s gentle. 

She takes time to choose her words wisely so they are well received and effective. 

She’s ready to do anything to ensure her child thrives. 

She’s more in love than she’s ever been. 

She’s ready to achieve her goals. 

She’s ready to give more than she feels she has to give. 

She is you. 

Connect with her. Embrace her. Adore her. 

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