Word of the Year: Reduce

There are numerous new products, apps, and trends out there and it can be overwhelming to digest it all. Particularly in the realm of baby + momma + work from home life.

This year, I’m paring down, and I’m inviting you to as well. Saving money, time, and reducing and reusing are my top focuses this year. Oh, and paying off my car loan a year early. Cha-ching.

Word of the year: Reduce.

Here’s how I’m getting started:

Don’t let STUFF clutter your life.


I created an account on eBay and am posting like-new items for sale that I have acquired but can bare to part with. Having just had a baby a few months ago, we have been given more clothes than our little girl could EVER use. I’d have to spend all day changing her outfit to get through everything.

I’m selling any babyGap, Old Navy, Burts Bees Baby, and Gymboree that I have.

Check my items out if you like quality clothing for better prices! Reduce. Reuse. Resell.

Here’s one item I LOVE but am willing to part with.  ❤


babyGap 12-18 month size sea foam bluegreen dress, 100% cotton with an adorable pleated pattern. Three buttons up the back. *swoon* If I wasn’t so dead set on paying off my car as soon as possible, I’d keep this beauty for Ella. But, #goals. 


Don’t have time to make individual listings for all your items? Me either. I’m sending the rest of my like-new stuff to this site. They take it, snap pics, keep an inventory for you, and list, for a small fee and you get paid when your stuff sells.


This is a really neat site. Not only do they have great marketing and customer service, they will send you a bag for free. Just throw all your *in good condition* momma and baby items in the bag and ship it off. Similar to swap.com, they will take pictures, store, and sell your items. However, unlike swap.com, you have the option to donate any money made to good causes. Really cool.

Stay Organized and Don’t Over Commit

Get a calendar, a day planner, and download organizational apps like ToDoist, or like me, talk to Siri all day long and put reminders in your phone. 🙂

Make a game plan for how you want your ideal day to look, write it out, edit, and execute. Don’t make the mistake of giving yourself 5 errands to run. Realistically, I give myself 0-1 errands out of the house to do per day. I grocery shop online at Kroger using their service ClickList, so all I have to do is drive up and they load my stuff in the car. It’s saved me HOURS per month and I don’t have to take my baby into the grocery store and figure out how to juggle shopping and holding a baby. Phew. If you don’t have a Kroger near you, there are other services out there.

Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies 

My baby daddy’s mother is a never ending source of information when it comes to all things baby and all things household. Could not get through the day without her on most days.

While I’m extremely clean and organized, I grew up with bleach, 409, Windex, and you name it toxic-chemical-cleaning supplies. She recently taught me about the almighty power of Distilled White Vinegar and plain old Baking Soda. I knew of this before but sometimes it takes a mother-in-law to tell you before it sinks in. Don’t wait that long!

Distilled white vinegar will clean and sanitize your baby toys and your countertops and it’s SO CHEAP. Buy the biggest jug your supermarket sells. Dilute it with water and use on anything you want to sanitize. Add it to a water-filled spray bottle with a few drops of essential oils like grapefruit, lemon, or lavender.

Add baking soda to your laundry loads to fight stains and freshen your clothes.

Word of caution. I learned this the hard way after a vinegar kitchen cleaning spree. WASH YOUR HANDS thoroughly before you touch your eyes! It burns. Oh it burns. Don’t do that.

Eat at home.

This is easy with a newborn because we aren’t about to be trying to eat out and hold a baby at the same time ;).

As I mentioned above, I shop at home, have a rough idea of my weekly meal plan and get the ingredients on my online order.

Leftovers become our lunches and I focus on getting as much meal prep done early in the day as possible.

Save Money and Reduce Spending

Wayyyyy easier said than done. Start with saving $25 /month. I’ve previously promoted Capital One 360 and I will continue to, because I love their online banking! They offer referral bonuses, sign up bonuses, and a higher interest rate on their savings accounts than banks in my town.

Reduce spending by focusing on what you already have. Sell or donate what you don’t use or need.

Decluttering your life feels incredibly freeing. Is this on your to-do list for the new year? Tell me about your plan and any tips you have, I would love to hear!

Happy Reducing!

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  1. “Word of the year: Reduce.” YES!! I love it. It’s so important to take stock of which areas need to be simplified, decluttered, changed. A great way to start the new year! ^_^

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