Thrift At Home Mom

Like I mentioned yesterday, I’m working to reduce the STUFF around me. Can you even spot my baby in this picture? This is from just TWO bags of donated clothes from loving friends. Mommas. We have SO much stuff. We are SO blessed. We are living in abundance. Our society is operating around stuff stuff stuff. I’m over over over it.


I have four piles that I’m sorting all my clothes and all of Ella’s clothes into:

  1. Keep for sentimental my baby wore that home from the birthing center and oh this is my favorite favorite sleeper she wore when she was tiny and maybe i’ll have another girl reasons (this is a SMALL PILE!!)
  2. Sell (everything that is brand name with no signs of wear)
  3. Donate (like new and gently used items that may have a stain or tiny hole or just may not sell)
  4. Gift (gifts that were given to Ella that she doesn’t need that are brand new, for example, several of her Christmas gifts from relatives…don’t feel guilty about regifting STUFF. People shouldn’t be offended by your desire to live smart and live your life not burdened by things. I returned several of her toys for a store credit to buy her more wipes, because that’s what she needs.)

There are women and mommas to be in my community that may not be surrounded by people who gift them new or gently used items, I’m looking forward to passing along my pile to local charities who serve these women.

If you have a goal, I lovingly encourage you to pursue it.

If anyone out there reading this is like me, then you struggle against countless voices in your head telling you how you’ll just give up again, how you’ll never succeed, how you’ll be too arrogant if you do succeed, how you’re too screwed up to even have a chance at happy life, and how you should just die anyway.

Woah. How harsh is that? Do you recognize any of those voices? I know I’m not the only one because I read a word for word example in a book..I thought I was the only one. HAH. That’s just my attention-craving ego speaking.

So, for those of you out there who struggle with self defeating endless blabbering shit talking voices in your head, just say hey there, i hear you, and today i’m going to pursue my goals, thanks but no thanks and go about your business.

As I sat down to my breakfast this morning, I checked my phone and saw this:


My goals will be reached one bid at a time, one belief in myself at a time, and one cute dress at a time.

I made an Instagram to share all of this, connect with me there to follow my journey, I’d love to share in yours. 🙂

This weekend is one of my cherished me time weekends: Yoga Teacher Training. I say buhbye to my baby girl and leave her with her ever-improving-so-capable-i’mimpressedwhatawonderfullovingdadheis- father and spend 15 hours over the course of 3 days with 18 other like minded people. It is MY time and it is needed. Every Friday before class starts such as today, I get nervous and I don’t want to leave Ella, or I think I’m being too selfish to invest in myself, blah blah blah, you get the point, but I end up going and being so thankful I did. Tonight is that night. Today is that day. I’m getting my “work” done here by posting a few more adorable outfits in my store, and then it’s off to beloved household duties like the messy-post-muffin-making kitchen and 3 loads of laundry and countless dust bunnies to capture.

When that is my life, and I type it out like that, I have NOTHING to complain about. Oh, and did I mention it’s snowing today?

This is probably the most rambling post I’ve made yet, and the only point I wanted to make in it that was planned was to tell you that I’m back at it, and if you’ve been in your cave of self doubt as well, come on out, I’m out and it’s OK and it will continue to be OK.  <

Oh, and my tiny tiny baby is FIVE months old today. Her sleep is all messed up, she cries randomly now (teething??) and is a smiley, strong, incredibly curious, happy little human.



❤ What is RIGHT in your world?

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  1. I loved this post!! I agree whole heartedly about the letting go of all the excess. The clutter. The stuff. I can hardly stand it! I’m what you’d call a “cozy minimalist” because I’m definitely not living bare bones but I deliberately choose which things I want to have in my life, whether that be stuff, relationships, thoughts. I want to be in charge of my life instead of just floating along. Know what I mean?
    I hope you enjoyed your yoga! That sounds amazing!!

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