How can you love yourself deeper today?

What happens when your breath lives in your chest?
When anxiety is your first response to the unknown?
When tightness and judgement replace openness?

Do you run? Do you submit to the relentless waves of depression? Do you give up and in to the fear of what you can’t control?

You can invite your breath back to your stomach.
You can move through the pain, the heartache, the unknowns, the challenges.
You can let a stranger guide your breath and you can trust in your body to operate how it was designed.

Give yourself permission to be free. Speaking to myself and to anyone who this reaches.

This weekend was a stark reminder of the fragility of life. A dear family member’s three year journey with cancer ended, another family member abruptly and unexpectedly left this world, close friends had a near death encounter and walked away unharmed, I fell and broke a finger in a typically routine activity.. I’m holding sacred space for the loss of life and the intense pain of the people closest to those who have passed on and I’m holding my daughter extra close this evening and sending my breath to my stomach, all the way down, letting my breath expand my belly and submitting to this fragile and beautiful journey of life.

How can you love yourself deeper today?



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