How I make a living as a Stay At Home Mom

The principle is simple: source, photograph, list, sell, ship items from my home. Specifically, pre owned gently used brand name clothing.

In practicality, the nuances of life with a toddler prevent consistent productivity, at least that I have been able to establish, but we make it work.

I’m not fully financially set, yet, as my store is still growing. I’m still supplementing with Uber and virtual assistant jobs, and in person organizational consultation and services, but I’m getting there. 6 more months of head-down-grind-it-out hard work and this mama should be fully at home and fully at work, paying all the bills, and even *sigh*, contributing to retirement and college fund for the babe.

In the meantime while I get into this new single, work and mamma full time groove, no child support and little childcare, check out my store with the link below. I consider all offers and personally think my Menswear selection is of the highest quality. Great gifts for dads, brothers, partners, etc. I ship same or next day and wrap with care. Message me if you’d like (eBay branded) tissue paper wrap with your item.

Happy shopping & please let me know if you’re looking for something in particular, I’ll keep an eye out.

More on what platforms I sell on in a later post.

❤ You can do this mama!

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*Disclaimer: My posts may contain affiliate links from which I may earn commission. Thank you for supporting my business!

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